Ordinances & Resolutions

The new Village Ordinances are now available for viewing online. If you have any questions please call (262) 857-2368. Thank you.

Code of Ordinances

Table of Contents


Title 1 General Provisions for Use of Code of Ordinances

Title 2 Government and Administration

Title 3 Finance and Public Records

Title 4 Administrative Determinations Review

Title 5 Public Safety

Title 6 Public Works

Title 7 Licensing and Regulation

Title 8 Health and Sanitation

Title 9 Public Utilities

Title 10 Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Title 11 Offenses and Nuisances

Title 12 Parks and Recreation

Title 13 Zoning Part A

Title 13 Zoning Part B

Title 13 Zoning Part C

Title 14 Subdivision and Platting

Title 15 Building Code

Table of Contents - Newly Adopted Ordinances

Title 16-1-3 Amending Chapter 12 McCreary

Title 16-1-4 Amending Chapter 12 Rorhman

Title 2013-2 Ordinance Amending the Zoning Definition of Private Sewage System

Title 2013-3 Omnibus Amending Various Provisions of the Code of Ordinances

Title 2013-4 Ordinance Amending the Village Building Code

Title 2013-5 and 5b Ordinance Relating to Dogs on Agricultural Premises, Omnibus Ord. Amending Various Zoning and Land Provisions

Title 2013-6 Ordinance Amending Bristol Zoning Code Regarding Non-Conforming Uses. Structures and Lots

Title 2013-8 Ordinance Regarding Noise Limitations and Noise Pollution Prevention

Title 2013-9a Ordinance Regarding Consumption of Products Labelled Not For Human Consumption

Title 2013 10b Ordinance Regarding Licensing of Synthetic Drug Establishments

Title 2013-11 Ordinance Relating to Synthetic Drugs and Synthetic Cannabinoid

Title 2013-12 Ordinance Regarding Lot lIne Adjustments

Title 2013 14,15,16 Ordinances Regarding Keeping of Chickens on Residential Parcels

Title 2014 1,2 Ordinances Relating to Damage or Obstructions of Public Property or Right-of-Ways

Title 2014-4 Ordinance Regarding Statutory Limits on Access to Municipal and Municipal Utility Records

Title 2014-6 Ordinance Regarding Screening of Refuse Dumpsters

Title 2014-7 Ordinance Regarding Keeping of Rabbits on Residential Parcels

Title 2014-8 Ordinance Regarding Conditional Use Permits for the Keeping of Certain Fowl on Residential Parcels

Title 2014-9 Ordinance Regarding Keeping on Chickens and Rabbits on R-1 Rural Residential Parcels

Title 2014-10 Ordinance Regarding Keeping of Chickens on Residential Parcels

Title 2014-11 Ordinance Regulating Firearms, Paintball Devices, Explosives or Other Missiles; Hunting Limitations

Title 2014-12 Ordinance Relating to Cross Connection Control

Title 2014-13 Ordinance Relating to Miscellaneous Parking Restrictions

Title 2014-14 Ordinance Regarding the Board of Review and Its Composition

Title 2014-15 Ordinance Regarding Criminal History Record Information Searches

Title 2014-16 Ordinance Regarding the Provision of Security for Improvements in the Bristol Land Division Code

Title 2014-17 Ordinance Amending Improvements Security Provisions of the Village of Bristol Land Division Code

Title 2013-9 2013-10 Ordinances Amending the Village of Bristol Zoning Code Regulating Signage

Complete 2011 Village of Bristol Ordinances

Ordinance 2016-19 - Amending Fee Schedules for the Village of Bristol

Ordinance 2016-18 - Designating Public Depositiories

Ordinance 2016-17 - Adopting Amendments to the Village of Bristol Ordinances on Investments of Public Funds

Ordinance 2016-16 - Adopting Amendments to the Village of Bristol Historic Preservation Ordinance

Ordinance 2016-15 - Adopting a New Village of Bristol ATV-UTV Route and Operations Ordinance

Ordinance 2016-14 - Amending Fee Schedules for the Village of Bristol Code of Ordinances

Ordinance 2016-13 - Summ Pump Discharges

Ordinance 2016-12 - Amending the Agricultural Districts & R-1 District to Provide for a Special Event-Wedding Barn Conditional Use

Ordinance 2016-11 -Special Event-Wedding Barns and Venues as Conditional Uses in Agricultural Zoning Districts

Ordinance 2016-10 - Adopting an Amendment to the Village of Bristol Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance 2016-9 - Adopting New Village oof Bristol Construction SIte Erosion Control Regulations

Ordinance 2016-8 - Fair Housing

Ordinance 2016-7 - Alternative Forms of Sworn Testimony at Board of Review Hearings

Ordinance 2016-6 - Reaffirming Various Zoning & Land Division Approvals and Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Ordinance 2016-5 - Stop Intersections

Ordinance 2016-4 - Amending Regulation of Fermented Malt Beverage, Wine or Intoxication Liquor Licenses

Ordinance 2016-3 - Public Contracts and Competitive Bidding

Ordinance 2016-2 - Legal Posting and Official Newspaper

Ordinance 2016-1 - Miscellaneous Speed Restrictions

Ordinance 2015-9 - Adopting an Amendment to the Village of Bristol Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance 2015-8 - Adopting an Amendment to the Village of Bristol Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance 2015-7 - Amending Qualifications of Applicants for Fermented Malt Beverage or Intoxicating Liquor Licenses

Ordinance 2015-6 - E911 Emergency Telephone Line Abuse Prohibited

Ordinance 2015-5 - Payment of Engineering, Legal and Other Fees by Benefitted Parties

Ordinance 2015-4 - Statutory References

Ordinance 2015-3 - Amending Statutory Offenses Adopted by Reference

Ordinance 2015-2 -Amending the Village Fee Schedule Regarding UD-3 Residential Sewer Service Rates

Ordinance 2015-1 - Adopting an Amendment to the Village of Bristol Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance 2014-19 - Mobile Tower Siting

Ordinance 2014-18 - Conditional Use Permits for Certain Mobile Telecommunications Facilities Uses