George Lake

History of Lake George

George Lake is a 59 acre lake located in the Village of Bristol, Kenosha County Wisconsin. The watershed, which drains into the lake, encompasses approximately 2187 acres. The lake is a drained lake, although it does have two intermittent inlets draining lands located to the West and South. Water exits the lake through an outlet located at the northeastern corner of the Lake that connects by way of a small spillway into a stream to the Dutch Gap canal.

There are approximately 55 dwelling units on the shores of the Lake and 230 total mailing addresses in the watershed area. The mean depth of the Lake is about 7 feet the maximum depth is about 16 feet. George Lake is about 0.6 mile long and about 0.4 miles wide at its widest point. The Lake has a volume of approximately 390 acre feet. The shoreline is about 1.2 miles.

The current water use objectives for George Lake include: 1) providing water quality suitable for recreational use and the maintenance of a healthy fishery and other desirable forms of aquatic life, 2) significantly reducing the severity of nuisance problems associated with excessive weed and algae growth which constrain or preclude intended water uses; and, 3) improving opportunities for water-based recreation.

George Lake is governed by a Board of Commissioners, seven members, elected by the residents of the watershed. Terms of the board members are staggered and are for a three year period.