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Question:When is the town rummage sale? What is the fee, and are there any guidelines?

Answer:The annual town wide rummage sale is the second Saturday in June.(6/10/06) The town does not charge for rummage sale permits and one is not needed for that day. The sale may last two days. Please make sure all signs are not in the right-of-way of the road.
Question:Why has the stop sign not been replacedat the corner or 196th Avenue at Hy 45. This is a town road it is not the States responsibility. This stop sign has been down for a week now, with a temporary sign being used. This is a half hour job. Public Works director not aware or what?

Answer:This is a State intersection and State highway. The State will not allow us to repair these signs.
Question:There are some broken branches in Hansen Park right by the playground equipment. Why have they not been cut off and hauled away, for the safety of children. If it falls on a child what happens then?

Answer:Thank you for letting us know. The broken branches were taken care of on 9/3/02.
Question:What kind of a fee is the Town of Bristol charging for the advertising signs on the ball fence at Hansen Park and what is it used for?

Answer:The annual fee for a 4' x 8' single sided sign is $300, and the fee for a 4' x 12' 2 sided sign is $600. The funds are used to help pay for park improvements.
Question:There are still more trees along 106th Street that should have been cut by the Town Employees when they did the rest of the trees, why was the job not finished? Why are the Agendas and Minutes NOT posted on this site for George Lake? I am sure there are a lot of people interested in the Lake District.

Answer:The Town removed the dead trees. The live trees help hold the bank of the lake from erosion. The Lake District questions need to be addressed to your Lake District Board.
Question:Clerk, why are the plan commission minutes not put on the internet? Aren't minutes your responsibiliy?

Answer:60.33 of the Wisconsin Statutes sets forth the duties of Town Clerk. The Clerk is responsible for Town Meetings and is the Clerk of the Town Board. Public records law provides that the elected officials and chairpersons of committees of elected officials, or their designees, are the legal custodians. (Sec. 19.33(1)and(2). Upon request, any public records will be provided.
Question:Where is the Town Board Agenda for October 22, 2001.Was it posted in the proper amount of places?

Answer:Every effort will be made that the agenda is published on the website. The Oct. 22 agenda was posted at the Town Hall, Bristol Post Office, Bank One (Hwy. 50 & 45), Benson's Gas Station, Woodworth Post Office, and Rainbow Lake Manor and is notarized as posted.
Question:Why did you stop brush pickup?

Answer:The Town still accepts brush dropoff at the Recycling Center. It is not cost effective for Public Works to pick up brush. If you have a specific complaint, please call the Town to have it addressed.

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